THE COLOR TIPS mini-course

Discover What Colors Should (and Shouldn't) Go Together...and Why!
These 7 simple lessons
will instantly take your art from "boring" to "eye popping"

Hi! My name is Nicholas Wilton.

I've been an artist my whole life. And for most of that time I have also been teaching and coaching artists. Over the years, this community of artists, along with my coaches, has grown. Today this worldwide community is called Art2life. It was founded based upon this new approach that helps all levels of artists, from beginner to professional, discover and ignite their art. It is about giving artists all the information they didn't get in art and even graduate school.

Color information is often missing in art education

You don't really know what colors go together - and it's not your fault!

I was surprised to discover Color was often overlooked in art education. And if it is taught often it is done in a way that is confusing and difficult to apply to one’s art. Many artists still are challenged by simply knowing what colors go together.  Or how one color can pull in a viewer or instantly push them away.  And the challenging part is, very few artists have a foundational understanding of how colors properly work together... so they miss out on the opportunity to mix and create their own beautiful combinations. This foundational knowledge is a must for all artists.  Because when you have this knowledge, your art transforms, creates more emotion and gets the attention of a lot more people. 

Here's the crazy part...

You don't need a whole art degree to understand the fundamentals.  In fact, I break it all down in 7 simple lessons for a total of [52 minutes].  So in less than an hour, you'll know everything you need to know about color - which is knowledge you'll use in EVERY SINGLE piece of art you create from this day forward.

The Color Tips mini-course provides that missing information

That is why I created my $27 Color Tips mini-course. There are 7 video lessons in the Color Tips mini course. In it detail the five contrasts of color. They are Value, Complements, Saturation, Temperature, and Harmony. The Color Tips mini course will give you a solid understanding of color and how to use it to strengthen your art.

THE COLOR TIPS mini-course



Here is what you need to learn

Each of the 5 contrasts of Color will be taught in a separate lesson. There is simply a ton of crucial information in these lessons.



I'll start with Value, the most powerful and most often misunderstood one of all. Without a rock solid working knowledge of this contrast it would be almost impossible to create incredibly strong art consistently. I also cover the importance of moving your eye around your art and the four ways to desaturate colors to make your art more sophisticated and beautiful.



In addition, I will explain in a clear, simple way what complimentary colors are and how to work with them to create and discover fantastic color combinations. This information will help you if you have ever felt like you found colors just by chance and lacked the confidence or know how to find them again.

Color Saturation



Finally learning exactly what saturation is and how to leverage it to make your color super strong is the focus of lesson 3. I will demonstrate the four ways to desaturate colors to make your art more sophisticated and beautiful. Color as you will learn is relative. It is a foundational idea that is especially relevant to understanding how to effectively use saturation to strengthen your color.



A fourth way to optimize color is found by understanding and adjusting color temperature in your art. Most know the difference between a warm color and a cool one but the trick is to truly be able to discern temperature differences of any color. If you are going to make super sensitive color in your art, a deeper more nuanced understanding of temperature is needed. This lesson will clarify and deepen your working knowledge of the contrast of color temperature.



In this lesson I'll be going over how to create color harmony. This last contrast alone can be a game changer for your art. If you've ever wanted to get the color working beautifully in your art but didn't know how, then this simple way of achieving color harmony will amaze you. The most common refrain I hear whenever I teach this lesson on color harmony is “ I cannot believe no one has ever explained color harmony this way! I wish I had learned this years ago!”

THE COLOR TIPS mini-course


This Color information can help any kind of artist

This color information in my Color tips mini course is super helpful for any artist. It is for beginners, established artists, folks returning to their art from a long absence, and the more experienced and professional artists.

And it works for any kind of Art!

And by the way, you can use this color information to improve any creative expression from sculpture, painting, illustration, graphic design, and even photography.

It is time to learn to make extraordinary color in your art

The Color Tips mini-course will put you back in the driver's seat of creating amazing color in your art. If any of these five contrasts of color sound unfamiliar I am super excited for you because learning this information will take your color to the next level!

And you can start right now!

So go ahead and click on the enroll button below, register, and then we'll send your login information, so in a matter of minutes, you can also learn this new approach to color that has helped thousands of artists improve their art.

THE COLOR TIPS mini-course


Let today be the day that the color in your art takes off!

Thanks so so much!
Nicholas Wilton

PS Here is the link to download the
Free Color Tips PDF.

It outlines the five essential contrasts of color we will be learning in the Color Tips mini course!


The Color Tips Mini-Course consists of 7 videos of which 5 lessons cover the 5 aspects of color. The time needed to watch the entire course is 50 minutes.

We recommend that you have at least the six primary colors (red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange), black and white (of any kind of paint).

Yes, this course is for all levels from beginner to experienced. Learning the fundamentals of color will greatly benefit any artist at any level.

You have lifetime access to the Color Tips Mini-Course.

The Color Tips Mini-Course is $27 (USD).

The course is immediately available after purchase. All the videos are recorded so you can watch them at your convenience.

Once you have completed the Color Tips Mini-Course and you are interested in going deeper in color and all aspects of art making, we recommend enrolling in the Creative Visionary Program (CVP). This is Art2Life's 12 week intensive art program offered once per year. To learn more about the Creative Visionary Program (CVP), click here.

THE COLOR TIPS mini-course