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The Creative Visionary Program offers a transformation of your art.

This 12-week, highly interactive online program will give you the essential ingredients you need to make art that is stronger and more like you — realistic, abstract or anywhere in between.

It is for artists of all levels, whether you’re an absolute beginner, returning to your art after an extended break, or an established career artist. 


Early Enrollment Offer Ends: December 16th at 11:59 pm PST


Questions? Please contact us at cvp@art2life.com

What The Creative Visionary Program can do for you

Tom Miller

Tom M., CVP Alumni

Tom now sees himself as a true artist 

"I hadn’t put paint on a brush for 35 years. I just didn’t know the first step or how to begin that transition.  

This program dismantled the mystery of art making into such simple, easy, understandable and practical bite-size pieces.  

I went from thinking, “Wouldn’t it be fun to practice painting once in a while?” to actually seeing myself as an artist.  

This journey would have felt impossible before I started CVP. The transformation that has occurred for me is extraordinary."  

Today, Kate earns a full-time income from her art “I began as someone who practiced art periodically as a hobby to being full-time artist, bringing in 6 figures in only 2 years. I am so happy and fulfilled with this change. I’m creating more than ever before. CVP gave me permission and the guidance I needed to be the artist I always knew I was. My life has been transformed.”  

Kate Soady

Kate S., CVP Alumni

Alice Sheridan

Alice S., CVP Alumni

Alice’s art and career have never been better  

“I knew what I was making wasn’t what I was capable of. And it didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like me. I was looking around for the answers.  

CVP gave me boundaries and structure to go back and check my work against. Having these benchmarks have revolutionized my work.  

My practice is much more fluid and I am stuck much less often.

This November was my best art sales ever and last year in total quadrupled on the previous year."  

The Creative Visionary Program provides the information, community and support you need to:

Your Art

The Art2Life Framework transcends any specific technique or medium, giving you the keys to making truly arresting art.  

What Works

Learn to read between the lines and identify what’s really happening when you’re stuck, and how to get back on track with a difficult piece.  

Refine (or Find) Your Voice

Make art that is truly, uniquely your own: an honest and compelling expression of who you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going next.  

Show Up For Yourself and Your Art in Bold New Ways

What might you achieve if you could settle into a sustainable creative rhythm filled with exploration, joy… and a whole lot more fun? The Creative Visionary Program gives you the information, insight and support you need to make bold, exciting moves in your art — and in your life as well.  

Nicholas Wilton

My name is Nicholas Wilton.  

I am a fine artist, and the founder of Art2Life & The Creative Visionary Program.

I have been making art pretty much my entire life, and have taught it for over 25 years. (I held my first workshop in 1993!)

Early on I created art for book covers, including Brene Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection and The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz… as well as US postage stamps and major publications.  

I then moved on to making art just for myself, selling and exhibiting my art through gallery shows and international art fairs both here and abroad.  

I am thriving as a fine artist today. I love the art I make and the life I get to lead. It is a life centered upon my own creative path.

But I am not inherently more gifted, talented or creative than you are. 

Making art has not always come easily to me.

For years, no matter how much time I spent, I would rarely end up with something I liked.  

I can’t tell you how many times I would just get stuck right in the middle of making my art and did not know what to do next. I would get nervous halfway through, worrying that I would ruin it!  

The irony is that my best art, and the art that I personally liked the most, was also the art that felt the most easy to make.  

It was often the art that sold. But most of my art took forever to make and it left me feeling discouraged and unmotivated. My unsold art just kept piling up. It got so bad that I would avoid going into the studio altogether.  

It was so frustrating not knowing how to consistently make strong art that felt like me.  

I had many, many challenges trying to make my art.

However, I discovered much later that I was not alone. Many artists, just like me, had many of the same issues. 

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • Do you sometimes get stuck in the middle of making your art ? 
  • Does making your art feel easy one day, and almost impossible the next?  
  • Do you sometimes feel unconfident when making or sharing your art? 
  • Do you procrastinate when it comes to making your art?  
  • Does it seem like there is never enough time to make your art?  
  • Do you look at art from others you admire… and wonder how they did it?  
  • Do you sometimes feel alone in the struggle to make your art?  
  • Is the stack of unsold art in your studio growing?  
  • Have you almost given up on the possibility of having a joyful art practice?  
  • Do you worry if you don’t make your art now, you never will?  

At one time or another I struggled with practically every one of these.

The answers, for me, came slowly through decades of struggle

In the beginning, out of sheer desperation, I started to take notes. I reflected on what was really going on when things were working, and what was happening when things were not. I’ve spent over twenty years searching for the crucial elements that would make my art work. What was missing? How could I be so good on Wednesday and so stuck on Thursday?  

I realized that most of my struggle, if not all, was because I was missing 3 things. 

It became clear to me that to really thrive as an artist, regardless of whether you make art on the side, as a career or are just starting out, you need these three things:  

All the Information 

It’s essential to have ALL the information. Understanding fundamental principles of art making such as design, value color, mindset, materials and technique (and how they all fit together) is key. If you don't have all of it, it's super, super hard to make art consistently… and even harder to correct course when you’re stuck. 

 A Bullet-Proof Art Practice

Having a sustainable art practice and a way of working that produces results for you is essential. Joy, efficiency and sustainability are the hallmarks of a solid art practice — one that will keep you going even when life gets busy or tough, and one that you will look forward to no matter what.


A community of like-minded people who support and inspire you is invaluable. Making art is often solitary, but it doesn’t have to be so lonely! With access to constructive feedback and a vibrant community of like-minded people, not only will your art dramatically improve… your quality of life will, too.  

And to pull all this off, artists need to understand one last but very important thing…  

 When you learn how to feel more alive, your art does too. 

When you begin paying attention to what fills you, what lights you up and the elements you need to nurture your unique creative self — that is when your art will truly come to life.  

In all of my attempts to improve what was happening on the 12x12 square in front of me, I had forgotten to pay attention to the most important thing of all: me!  

When I learned how to optimize my life to keep my creative fires burning, everyday, in small but meaningful ways, my art took on an entirely new quality. It became bigger and bolder, yet more subtle and nuanced... simply more alive than ever before.

It took me WAY too long to figure this out…  

Mostly because this information is not easily found.  

Successful artists often don’t tell. 

Artists who are successful, who know most of this information, are often not willing to share for fear of competition.

Art Schools and Institutions are not thorough or clear. 

Art taught in institutions is often done piecemeal with little regard for giving artists an overview and hierarchy of ALL the information needed in making art. There is a sequence of learning the information that if not used, results in overwhelm and confusion. This is why most students who graduate from art schools and even graduate programs often abandon art for another career choice. Art and the process of making it must be taught in a clear, doable way, over time — otherwise you will struggle to make sense of all the information you’ve learned and apply it in a meaningful way.  

Societal beliefs limit and undermine our creative potential. 

Many of us were discouraged to make our art because we were taught limiting beliefs. You are not talented enough, there is no money in art, you will starve as an artist, and making art is not practical are just a few.  

These ideas and beliefs are at the root of why many postpone and often never heed the call of their desire to make art.  

All of them are false, but many artists do not have the tools they need to shed these limiting beliefs… and their creative lives suffer greatly as a result.  

This is why I created The Creative Visionary Program  

CVP offers you a clear, sequential method for creating your best and most personal art yet.

You will learn how to:

  • Elevate your art to a new level of depth, impact and meaning — even if you’re not sure what you want to say through your art just yet. 
  • Overcome the feelings of self-doubt and paralysis that keep even the best artists stuck and playing small.
  • Establish a creative rhythm that you can’t wait to dive into: one that feels inspiring, exciting and joyful. 
  • See your work through to completion consistently, instead of getting stuck in frustrating creative dead ends.
  • Integrate your art making and life in such a way that it feels like you’re living in full color… every day.

This 12-week, intensive online program provides you crucial art making information, a sustainable process of making your art as well as a supportive artistic community. I created this program after 25 years of making my own art, as well as helping other artists develop their own.  

CVP simply works and now I want to share it with you.

There is nothing even remotely close to this program online, or even offline. If you are willing to pay attention, show up and learn, this program can drastically transform your art.

Artwork: Patty Ripley

"This program is unlike anything else. Never have I had a team of coaches or instructor who has been as generous and authentic. The amount of information in this program is profound, with nothing left unturned." 

— Anne G., CVP Alumni

So what is the Creative Visionary Program?

The Creative Visionary Program is held over a 12-week period (but you’ll have access to the program materials for an entire year). It is taught completely online. Each training component is built around a clear, sequential process for improving your art:

The Art2Life Framework  

The A2L Framework

Re-imagined for 2023, there has never 

been a better time to take CVP

We have taught CVP to thousands of artists for 7 years. While the results are jaw-dropping, we have noticed that there are places where artists are most likely to get stuck along the way — so we set out to create a CVP experience for 2023 that is more robust and supportive than anything we’ve ever offered before.

In our module called YOUR SERIES, we will spend 4 weeks developing a process of working in a series (including how to stay connected to your personal inspiration, how to get unstuck, and more). Our coaching calls will be geared towards representational and abstract painting — so no matter what kind of art you make, you’ll find the answers you’ve been looking for inside CVP.

Keep reading to see how your CVP journey will unfold with us during CVP's 12 weeks, and how we provide an unmatched learning experience for you in 2023!  

WEEK 1-3

Risk & Soul (Your Fuel For Remarkable Art)

Our journey begins with you. Making art that is arresting, strong and one-of-a-kind requires you to be fully connected with what inspires you. But this is easier said than done — and many artists struggle to translate what inspires them in a way that truly moves the needle in their art (and life). In this stage, you will bridge the gap between what makes you feel alive and how to use it to make your art come alive. This is the bedrock for the evolution of your art!

I will guide you through…

  • How to set up your unique conditions for breakout art
  • How to better hear your soul's desire in your art and life.
  • Strengthening discernment in all areas of your art and life.  
  • Incorporating risk to push your art to exciting new places — and how to carry this attitude with you through every stage of your art-making.
  • The essential nature of mistakes, and how they strengthen your art.   
  • Becoming fearless and playful in your art making — and, ultimately, becoming more you. 

The time we spend exploring Risk & Soul may be the most luxurious experience of art-making you have ever had. Strengthening and clarifying your connection to your inspiration is the fuel for the incredible journey we’ll be embarking on together — and it will sustain your personal practice for years to come.

“Now I get up everyday excited to work in my studio. It’s my practice. I didn’t have that before.”

“I was worried that everyone else in the program would be amazing at painting and that I’d be completely lost. I’m still in the early stages of learning, but CVP has helped me see that if I keep going, the painting will resolve and I’ll be happy with it. It’s mind blowing. Everything is so much easier and enjoyable.

You don’t need “talent” to do this. It’s about digging deep, listening to that, and not being afraid to express that. CVP was that turning point for me. I look at what I’m making now and a year ago, there’s no way I could have made art like this. We all have that inside us.”

Nessa McCormack


Dive Deep into Design & Value

There are no two more powerful art making principles than Value and Design. Although many artists know the importance of Value & Design, very few can truly harness these principles for stronger, more sophisticated art. Module 2 solves this problem.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to get unstuck in your art making and discern what your work needs at any given time
  • How to use a “Value-first” approach to make more confident creative choices
  • How to create powerful, authentic Design that speaks to your unique style
  • How to properly edit your art as you go, without overthinking
  • How to create a visual hierarchy in each piece of art that will make your art more impactful, exciting and engaging for those who encounter it!

In module 2, you will learn to see all the ways Value and Design show up in your art. Once learned, this will give you total ease and freedom in your art making - and the ability to course-correct you art at any stage.

16 paintings sold… I have gained more from CVP than I ever thought.

“Before CVP, I think I was intuitively aware of most of the content (design, value, color etc) but I don’t think I was ever really in tune to how it was working or not working in my art, and my work was always so hit and miss, even though I knew deep down that I had potential.

Even more than the practical side of the course, the emotional and mental content has transformed my practice. Today, I am painting without fear, without expectation and with freedom. Last week I had a solo show at a regional gallery and I am proud of the work that is uniquely mine. To date, I have sold 16 out of 22 paintings! I have gained more from CVP than I ever thought I would, on every level.”

Susan Simonini


Mastering Color in Your Art

Finally, once and for all, learn to create amazing color in your art! Learn strategies for making sophisticated, harmonious colors that are simply not shared in art school.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The crucial relationship between value and color that simplifies any color decision
  • How to use the principles of difference to enhance your color and create striking interest in your art
  • How to get past the “muddy phase” to confidently mix and find your way to any color
  • How to elevate your art with subtle, sophisticated color harmony
  • Enhance your creative control with an easy, clear understanding of complements, temperature and saturation

So many artists simply were not given all the information about color, and if they were, it was not given in an understandable way. Module 3 will fill in the gaps and help you see and utilize color in your work in an entirely new way.

The impact CVP has had on my life is beyond extraordinary

“Before CVP I had been to some local art classes but the thought of making a ‘proper’ painting caused me to seize up. I resisted joining CVP at first because I didn’t believe it was OK to spend that kind of money on something just for me.

But when my husband asked me: “If not now, when?”... I didn’t have an answer. And so I joined. With each painting I made during CVP, I was delighted by the way my art was developing. Everything made so much sense.

Just 6 months after I completed my first board in CVP, I walked into the Brownsword Hepworth Gallery with my paintings in an Ikea bag… and walked out with an exhibition and gallery representation.

This is the stuff of fairy tales. Thank you for helping me to step more fully into what is possible to create mine.”

-Caroline Millar

Image: Roohi Saleem


Using Texture to Enhance Your Art

Module 4

Understanding the importance of surface in our art making is crucial. In this module, we take a deep dive into the myriad of ways that paint, collage and mark-making can be applied to your art.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to create an irresistible sheen and surface on your art.
  • How to use gels, trowels and wax to create a rich, deep surface.
  • How to use a subtractive process to reveal underlying layers of color and texture.
  • How to effectively use glazes to create depth.
  • How to utilize image transfers to add complexity and interest to your art.

If you have ever felt "stuck" in a certain style of art-making, but don’t know how to shake things up, Module 4 will open up many exciting new possibilities and avenues for your art and how you make it.

“Way more than my money’s worth… a new direction and the keys to continue this journey”

“I have taught art as a profession, been to many workshops and intensive courses, and I have never experienced the level of quality and instruction and generous sharing that we have been given. I was questioning the cost of joining but got way more than my money’s worth.

When you have been working at something for so long, you think maybe there isn’t much to learn. Boy, was I wrong! I appreciate the generous sharing, the new direction I’ve found, and most importantly, the keys to continuing on the journey in a productive way.”


WEEK 9-12

Your Series & The Evolution of Your Art

We will spend our final 4 weeks together working on your “series” of brand-new, unique pieces of art — and the culmination of all your work in CVP. Your series will reflect the insights you uncovered early on in the program about what makes you feel alive, and, paired with the Art2Life Framework & Principles we explored in weeks 4 through 8, it will serve as an exciting preview for where your art is headed next. 

The art you make during this module may well be the best you’ve ever made, but above all, you will discover a totally new process of art-making: one where you work on multiple pieces at once, and where each piece informs the other. This way of working is fast, fluid and unlike anything you have tried before. For many, it is the missing link for making bold strokes in your art and life — and it is grounded in what makes you come alive. Your art is about to become one-of-a-kind.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to set up and create your art in “series” to unlock new creative insights, stop-overthinking, and generate endless bodies of work in less time.
  • How to reduce the pressure on any one piece of art and embrace a “life’s work” approach to your art that allows you to learn from each piece… in a way that makes the next one stronger and more like you.
  • How to stay open in your process and maintain momentum, rather than getting too “attached” or paralyzed part-way through!
  • How to identify if your art is “finished” (or what it might need during your final stages of refinement)
  • How to develop, change and scale up your future art as you move forward (and what this means for how you will share your art with the world).

Prepare to totally rethink your process of making art and what is possible. You will walk away with a bulletproof process for arriving at creative insights faster, and a totally new series of work that surfaces your unique artistic voice: both clearer and more refined than it’s ever been before.

After learning this process, making art will become so fun that you won’t want to stop… and we’ll be here to guide you through it, every step of the way.

One thing’s for sure: you, your art, and the way you make it will never be the same.

Studio, sales, galleries and shows — just to name a few!

“I am thrilled to see what has transpired since taking CVP. I am represented by a gallery now, maintain a growing Instagram presence, set up my website, moved my studio and have a great functional space.

I’ve been accepted into The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh (which is pretty tough to get into!), sold about $7000 worth of work and working toward a show in a wonderful space this summer.

These goals are such affirmations for me and I am sure are because of my expanded vision and determination fueled by CVP!”


The Creative Visionary Program is so much more than the sum of its parts!

Rich with examples, demonstrations and multiple opportunities to get your questions answered every week, CVP gives you everything you need to begin making art in an entirely new way.  

Whether you are an experienced student or totally new to the principles of art, this program demonstrates critical concepts in a way that will immediately make sense in the context of your art and life.  

Artwork: Janet Smedley

"I am so positively blown away by this course. It's unexpectedly informative, juicy, concise, easy to understand, hopeful and encouraging. It pushes without being pushy, hands out information when it's most impactful. I'm eager to learn and this is feeding my needs!" — Pamela R  

"Many other online courses cater only to beginners and are not as comprehensive. It’s technique oriented as well as philosophically oriented about the art life — what it is to be an artist, how to think about your work and how to approach it." — Shirley W., CVP Alumni  

How does the Creative Visionary Program support you?

The success of our members is directly related to how we efficiently deliver information in an accessible, easy to understand way.

There are 6 ways we answer your questions and offer solutions:

Within the CVP Portal We have meticulously created chronological lessons that clearly define, diagnose, and solve the common challenges that arise in art making. Each week a new class is available. Under each video in the Portal you may ask questions - and every question is answered.

The FAQ Bank We utilize an extensive FAQ Bank which is a vault of information, giving you access to written answers along with diagrams, and even video demonstrations, for solutions to specific art making challenges. This is available 24/7.  


Live Group Calls Every week, I will be hosting a live Group Call to deepen the learning of the week’s lessons and answer your questions live.  


Live Coaching Sessions Every week there will be a live coaching session. These will be conducted by the Art2Life Coaches. The sessions are all recorded so if you miss one, you can watch it later when it’s more convenient.  

Image Adjustment Videos Image Adjustment Videos are used to show artwork being modified and improved utilizing the principles. Seeing multiple examples of the principles at work make it that much easier to understand and apply them to your own art.  

The Private Facebook Group This is where we harness the power of our community. Not only are we teaching our members to problem solve their own art, but to help improve other’s art as well. The extraordinary results achieved in the Creative Visionary Program are in a large part due to the amazing community that forms during the program. 

Know that my whole team and I will be here to support you.

Most of them are professional working artists, so we understand.

This year we have an outstanding line up of Art2life coaches. There will be live in studio demonstrations, bonus content with guest presenters and downloadable art guides. Our highly responsive technical and customer support team is also involved in the creative unfolding of the CVP 2023 experience. I can promise you that you will not find a more caring, supportive crew than the Art2life CVP Team. During the program you will get to know all of us!  

"I have never in my life been in such a well-organized program with such eloquent and articulate artists and staff who carry themselves in the most professional, heart-centered way — with a level of integrity that goes beyond what most people exude in their everyday work worlds. I sense that most of this was not work for all of you!" — Michelle B., CVP Alumni  

Make your art stronger, bolder and more like you — no matter where you are right now. 

The Creative Visionary Program can be accessed on your computer from anywhere in the world, and has been optimized for iPad as well as for your mobile device.  

All the training modules and live coaching sessions are recorded for you to watch at a time that suits you, at your own pace, as many times as you like.  

Downloads of video transcriptions, as well as MP3 audio files are available for each lesson. This makes learning the weekly content super convenient.  

The Creative Visionary Program gets real results 

Even though this program is only 12 weeks long, the knowledge, community, and progression of your art will continue for years into the future. 

In fact, the Art2life Process, once learned, can simply become your roadmap, your guide to your life’s creative path. It doesn’t matter what kind of art you make. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional. Over 1/3 of those who have taken CVP in the past have re-enrolled this year. As you deepen your practice, the Art2life Process will continue to inform and reveal the necessary learning to move to the next level for years to come. The Art2life Process meets you where you are. This is why we are seeing so many CVP Alumni re-enrolling, reinvesting in the program. This process works, not just once, but over and over again.  

We have more success stories than we can fit on this page!


But what is it worth? 

Spending $98,000 on a Masters program or an additional few hundred thousand dollars for an undergraduate art program might remedy some of the challenges an artist faces in making and building a life around their art... But that isn’t what I am seeing out there. The number of undergraduate and graduate degrees held by those who enroll in the Creative Visionary Program is surprisingly high. They simply were not given all the information. And of all those who earn graduate degrees from art schools, a scant 10% become full-time artists. I know we can do better.

It is not the cost, however... it is the time.

The greatest value of CVP is the time saved — years or decades — by being provided this essential information, instead of having to figure it out on your own.  

You can get there the hard way.

It is possible. I did it this way. But I had way too many decades of struggle. There is also no guarantee that going it alone will actually work out.  

But there is another way...and it comes with a guarantee.

The Creative Visionary Program not only has a track record of stunning accomplishments by its alumni, but it also comes with a zero-risk guarantee:

Today, your investment in The Creative Visionary Program is:  


$2397 USD 

(Save $345 by paying in full)



$457 USD 


Your enrollment in CVP includes: 

  • The Complete Art2Life Framework
  • The ArtLife FAQ Vault
  • Weekly Live Group Calls
  • Weekly Live Coaching Sessions 
  • Bonus content with Guest Presenters 
  • Downloadable Helpful Art Guides
  • Extensive key word search of all CVP videos
  • Membership in the private Facebook Community
  • Bonus #1 Access to the Design Your Life2Art Immersion! Available only to those who take advantage of the CVP 2023 Early Purchase Special, the Design Your Life2Art Immersion will teach you the skills necessary to optimize your life, and make stronger art as a result.
  • Bonus #2 A real-time documentation of my process making (and struggling with) a large canvas on panel oil painting. It is broken down into 30 minute sessions. In each session I discuss what is working, and what I am doing, and why I am doing it. This candid, behind the scene view will give you vital information you would never know by just looking at the finished painting.
  • Bonus #3 The Art2Life Business Primer! This webinar and its detailed PDF download is all about how to get your new art out into the world. What are the daily or weekly simple things that are easy and effective to do to promote your artwork. The Business Primer will give you a clear, doable plan!
  • Bonus #4 A two part video series on Time Management. Part one dives into all the time saving approaches I use in making art. These tips can make a huge difference in your art making ease and efficiency. Part two dives into the other area where time is often in short supply...your life. I will share with you ways to optimize your time, stay inspired and keep the creative fire burning when you are not in the studio.  
  • Access to the entire CVP Portal including all the modules, video lessons, call recordings, audio files and transcriptions, for one full year from date of purchase.

  • Finding Meaning in Play with speaker, author and workshop leader, Marney Makridakis
  • Value & Design in Representational Work with realistic painters, Patrick Lee and Mitch Albala
  • The Science of Manifestation with artist Brooke Armstrong
  • Moving Between Mindsets with artist Kerry Shroeder
  • Concerning Color with author, artist, teacher, David Hornung
  • The Art of Letting Go with Susan Melrath and Kerry Schroeder
100% Risk Free Guarantee

The NO Risk Guarantee: Try CVP for a full 30 days, 100% Risk Free 

If you feel you are not the right fit for this program, I will issue you a full refund! (30 days from when the program begins)

No matter what the reason. Period. We are looking for home runs, and it has to be the right fit for you.  


The Creative Visionary Program begins on February 23, 2023!  

Questions? Please contact us at cvp@art2life.com  

 This is an investment in your art... and in yourself  

Nicholas Wilton

It’s an investment of time, energy and resources. As an artist, as well as the founder of this program, I take your financial investment seriously. I could not, would not, be able to offer this program to my community, if I was not 100% certain that there would be a significant return on your investment, and that is why I stand behind CVP with a 30-day Guarantee. The transformation of your art is no small feat. I am aware of this. However, the kind of changes I am pursuing for you are marked by changes in your life, as well as your art. Your art and your life are connected, and a transformation of your art often overflows with positive changes in your life.  

"This course is simply the very best thing I have ever done for myself, for my creativity, for my life, for my personal pleasure and joy, and for my confidence as an artist (as I am now learning to call myself!) — Liz W., CVP Alumni  

Early Enrollment closes on December 16th!

I urge you to listen, and ask your creative self if this is finally the time to invest in the artist within you.

The early enrollment period ends December 16th, at 11:59pm PST. You must enroll before this time to receive the Design Your Life2Art Immersion bonus. There will be no exceptions.  

The BEST time to enroll in the Creative Visionary Program is right now!  

The Creative Visionary Program (CVP) begins on February 23rd!  

If you’re hesitating, these questions might be the reason why… 

Is the price of the Creative Visionary Program worth it?

Lots of people have wondered about the price, but not after experiencing the program. The one consistent piece of feedback when we poll our alumni is that CVP is a great value. And this year is going to be even better.  

Alice Sheridan

"The cost of the program was a big jump for me. It also came at a time when I thought I could work out my art for myself, but I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to get there. To have a program focused on making your art as strong as it can be appealed to me. I knew I just had to do this. The work I’m doing now is much, much stronger as a result." — Alice S., CVP Alumni

Can the Creative Visionary Program fit into my already busy life? 

The Creative Visionary Program can be done many different ways. Because you have access for a full year, you can go at a pace that is comfortable. All lessons and calls are recorded, so you may listen and learn wherever it is convenient.

Artwork: Jenny Fermor

"It appealed to me because I am a mother of a teenager and I’m busy. I wanted something I could do from home and it fit my needs perfectly. I could do it at my pace. Now I'm engaged with my art and entering shows—something I never considering doing it before. It really changed my life. My family is so happy for me because I found my passion." — Glenda G., CVP Alumni

Can I actually become an artist this time around? 

Dreams are often postponed. Most are never realized, especially those involved in getting around to making one's art. Through the successes of our alumni, CVP demonstrates what is possible when an artist sets an intention, learns essential information and is given support.

Julie Snindle

"Now my art is a practice. I show up and do it. I now have the confidence to put myself out there more. I’m getting press and solo shows. I have validation and confidence. I no longer have the pressure to make a perfect painting." — Julie S., CVP Alumni

Will this program help if I am already showing in galleries? 

The price of your art, the number of sales, and the caliber of your galleries, are all connected to the strength, originality and vibrancy of your art. Over time, your art should be steadily improving, and therefore increasing in sales and value. CVP will help ensure this process continues.

Karina Bania

I’m a huge believer in continuing education and am always learning. CVP gave me the theory to combine with my own knowledge to push my work to the next level. I didn’t have to put my art career on hold in order to do this. I was able to do the program and still be able to produce art, show and sell it. Through the program I saw my work get stronger and the reaction to my work also got stronger. It was certainly worth every penny. — Karina B., CVP Alumni 

I am just a beginner. Is this program too advanced for me? 

The Creative Visionary Program is perfectly suited for the beginner with little or no prior experience. All that is required is the interest, and the passion to improve and learn. The community of artists, as well as the CVP Team, is incredibly supportive within the program. The CVP program gets amazing results no matter your stage of art making.  

"I always wanted to paint, but I was on my own and floundering. I didn’t know anything about materials or technical aspects. I didn’t know where to start and had no one to talk to. I was a beginner and I knew my work was not what I wanted it to be. Revealing that to people I didn’t know online was very intimidating. After CVP, I feel I am in the swing of it. I’ve changed my social media profiles and I’m getting into it. I have enough tools now to keep it going, keep it expanding, growing and learning." — Janet J., CVP Alumni

“The only art experience I had was my own experimenting with art and a couple of classes at a community college. That’s where my art path stopped. Going into CVP, I could have been intimidated by the artists who were more experienced. But the way the material was presented… it very quickly got us all on the same playing field. The process builds on itself in such a way that we were all still learning, even the artists who were much further along than me… as well as the artists who were even more of a beginner than I was. The #1 thing I got from the support that CVP offered was the confidence to just go for it and move forward. I still feel that support 2 years later. I talk to a CVP-er every day now.”
–  Arron B., CVP Alumni

How will it feel to have so many artists at different levels in the program?

The material has complexity and nuances, and meets the student where they are in their art. Beginners will learn different things, compared to someone who has many years of experience. Last year, we had many beginners who are returning this year to deepen their learning. The mixed levels of participants is intentional, and adds to the richness of the program. Every artist, even the advanced, can learn from the questions asked by a beginner.  

Shirley Williams

"CVP is a broad base of artists at all levels, from super experienced to beginners who are just putting their toe in the water. That opened me up to a whole new way of thinking. I didn’t have to be in the box of “professional fine artist,” I could just be out there, in the Community. I loved the Community aspect of it, which I never had before. Being in a studio all day can be isolating. There is no social connection or peer group interaction. It’s so important for an artist to have that Community." — Shirley W., CVP Alumni

If I am a more advanced artist, what do I have to gain from CVP?

Many professional and working artists join CVP each year. Even if you have been exposed to principles like Design, Value, and Color through formal education like art school — or have taken several art classes before — many artists do not have all the information they need to translate their “head” knowledge into their practice in an intuitive, personal way. Many working artists struggle to continue evolving their work, and CVP offers a clearer, more efficient path to making your best art yet.

For this exact reason, CVP explores a range of art making principles with fresh perspectives that are simply not taught in even the best art schools. Our curriculum will fill in the gaps, enhance your practice, and help you tackle the mental and emotional hurdles to making stronger art and sharing it with the world.


“I can look at a painting and create that effect. I know my materials and techniques already. So why did my art get better, more complex? CVP shows you the techniques, everything is covered… but it is so much more than a painting workshop (even though I did learn a lot about painting in the course!).
The way CVP opened my mind to all the limiting beliefs I had helped me loosen up in my work and enjoy it more — and this translates directly into how people experience my art. This is a roadmap for how to integrate life and art. If you’ve struggled for a few years with your art, trying to figure it out on your own, you will get so much from CVP.”
~ Roohi S., CVP Alumni

Can I use this program to change my present career into something creative? 

A big part of the Creative Visionary Program is identifying what brings you alive. What inspires you? If you have lost track of this thread in your career, staying in it for too long can be challenging. Changing careers is not easy, however doing something that brings you joy is a great motivator. 


"I was an illustrator and I watched the market go down. I thought it was really about the business decline aspect of it, but now that I’m where I am now, I realized I was just tired of that work—of all the things I was being asked to do. I saw that every time I was painting I knew that this was what I wanted to do. Moving into being an artist is somewhat daunting. With CVP I could feel the learning curve and the acceleration of learning more than any other educational thing I’ve ever done. The program took me back to my roots when I was young as a kid. I identify myself as a fine artist now. " — Gordon S., CVP Alumni

Can making my art feel joyful?

Yes! Paying attention to the way we make art and how we feel when we do, are two key components needed to revive a stale art practice. And if our art practice becomes joyful, then it will become sustainable. 

Louise Savoie

"I’m having the time of my life, really. It’s taken pressure off of me in that I don’t have to do something that really looks like something. It’s more about a feeling and reacting to shapes. My art is now a big party for myself. I’m happy there. I put music on. I really paint from my heart now. I'm not trying to reproduce or just do techniques. It’s the best thing I’ve done in years, honest to God." — Louise S., CVP Alumni  

What if I can't keep up and do all the work?

This program can be done at your own pace. Even though the program is 12 weeks, each member has access to the portal for one full year. You can do the program at a pace that is comfortable. Artist Stacy Phillips was busy preparing for a solo show when she enrolled. Stacy continued to work towards her show, and did not do any of the assignments, but only listened to the weekly class and found tremendous value.

Stacey Philips

"I had a solo show approaching. I chose to participate only in the Portal and on the Facebook page where it was comfortable for me. At night I would come home after a day in the studio and sit and watch the videos on my time, at my own pace. I could stop them, rewind them, watch them again. I could pick and choose what worked for me. For me the program was like going back to home base. It’s helping my sculpture and my painting. It doesn’t matter what the medium is. I’m still referencing what I learned today and will be referencing it for years to come." — Stacy P., CVP Alumni 

The Creative Visionary Program might not be for you if...

You are thinking that success in art comes from mimicking someone else’s art.  

I am not teaching a particular style of art that looks like mine, or anyone else’s. I am only interested in helping you discover your own, unique art...the kind of art that makes you feel alive.

You are not willing to help someone who is not as far along as you.

The growing Art2life Community is centered upon sharing information and inspiration, and helping each other. We are all on the same creative path. There are some ahead of us, and always some behind. Helping each other is how those in the Art2life Community have been able to make such incredible progress. This rising tide we create together, lifts all ships. 

You're not ready to let go of the belief that some people are talented, others are not.

Many believe art is only available for the select few who possess some kind of rare talent. Holding on to this limiting belief about creative capacity will undermine your progress. It limits you, and those around you. It is simply not true. Everyone has the capacity to make authentic, amazing art if they are interested.

But, what is the cost of doing nothing?

Here is the issue. Change is never convenient. It is also rarely easy. It takes effort to create a change.  

However, there are also costs associated with doing nothing.  

Will your art continue to go the way it has been all these years?  

For those just beginning, where and how will you get all the information, the support, and the community needed to really get your art going?  

Going it alone can take decades of struggle...it did for me.  

Are the holes in your knowledge holding you back? Again it is very difficult to make powerful, authentic art without all the essential information.  

Procrastinating, and losing confidence and motivation, creates huge blank spaces in your art progress, and for many, can lead to giving up all together.

Getting stuck in the middle of making your art again, and again, adds endless hours of struggle to your art process.  

Will your art continue to sell only occasionally, or maybe not at all? The relationship between sales, and strength and originality, is real. Lackluster sales will only continue until your art becomes exceptional.  


Need help or have questions? Email us at cvp@art2life.com

Everything becomes easier when your art becomes outstanding.

This is the path towards significantly improving not just your art, but also the way you make it. My goal for every member of the Creative Visionary Program is to leave with a sustainable art practice that allows you to problem solve your own art, regain your confidence and inspiration, and if desired, increase the sales of your art. However, transformation is not easy. I need to be honest with you here, and say this will take some degree of effort. I will be with you every step of the way, but I also need to work with artists that are ready to show up.  

Program FAQs and Details:

When are the dates of the program? The program begins on February 23, 2023 and ends on May 30, 2023. It is a 12-week program, but we include a Rest Week from April 17 2023 - April 23, 2023. 

How much experience do I need to do the program? This program is designed for the absolute beginner as well as those who are much further along. Making powerful, authentic art is available to anyone with the interest. All you need is a passion - a strong desire to discover and clarify your own creative voice.  

How good at technology do I have to be to do the program? This is an online course, and basic Facebook and computer skills are needed. We give basic instruction to get you started, but you will need to take some time to watch our instructional videos and if needed, watch some Facebook tutorial videos on your own just so you can navigate and do basic things in Facebook. Understanding how to leave a comment, take a picture of your art, and post an image to your own Facebook album are the primary skills you will need. It is not mandatory that those taking CVP participate in the Facebook Group but it is recommended, as this also is a place to find inspiration and additional learning from the CVP community. 

How much time do I need per week to adequately do the program? If you can free up 3-5 hours per week you will learn a great deal and get a tremendous amount from the program. Some will spend more than this because they become increasingly excited about their art as the program continues. It is, however, a choice.  

Do I need to be an abstract or representational artist? You can be any kind of artist you want! The principles and ideas in this program relate to all kinds of art. It doesn’t matter whether your art is realistic, landscape painting, collage, sculpture, minimal color-field paintings, abstract, or even photography...it all relates to the overarching principles I teach in CVP. 

Is realism covered in CVP? Whether you paint realistically or abstractly does not matter. The CVP principles apply to all art, creative endeavors, and any style of painting, including landscapes and still lifes. This topic is covered in the weekly video classes, as well as several of the Live Group Calls.

Is this program right for me if I don’t have a defined “style”? Yes! We spend several weeks on what we call RISK & SOUL. This is all about finding your own artistic voice. This is how we get your art stronger… we help you re-align with whatever brings you joy and inspiration. Having a style or look to your work is a natural outcome of making art you love... and figuring that out is what making art is all about. It is about you. The process of discovering and sharing your own unique expression with the world is an extremely meaningful, worthwhile pursuit.  

I am an artist but not a painter. Is this program suitable for me?
The art principles apply to any kind of art making. It takes some time and practice to learn them, but once you do, it will allow you to strengthen any kind of art. In the CVP Program we use acrylic paint, as it is the simplest and fastest medium to learn the principles. We have a detailed materials list and can help you get what you need if wish to work in acrylics. At the end of twelve weeks, you will have proficiency in this medium. Many artists transfer the learning to their own kind of art, during and after the program.

Your work could be photography, collage or even sculpture. For the first three weeks of the program, we are working on clarifying your creative path. We ask what inspires you and what you desire. We need to do this first, so that we can help you to get where you want to go in your art. We have had photographers, collage artists and even sculptors enroll in the Creative Visionary Program.  

What are the materials I will need for the program? We use 12” x 12” wood birch 1/4” panels and acrylic paint in the program. You will need 18 panels during the program. We use small rounds and flats for brushes. Many artists already have a wide assortment of brushes and even acrylic colors. Over the course of the program we will be using different sandpapers, trowels and other kinds of mark-making tools. We provide an extensive materials list for the program, but much of it you may already have.  

Can I use oil or another kind of material to do the program? Yes, although it is not recommended. We use acrylic because it is fast drying and makes it possible to build up extensive layering of paint. The learning is accelerated because the actual painting size of 12” x 12” is relatively small, and can be changed quickly. The faster and more frequent the changes to an artist’s art, the faster and more efficient the learning. These two material choices support our learning strategy.  

Do you offer any monthly payment plan? Yes! You may choose to pay for the program in 6 monthly payments of $457.  

Still have questions? Please email us at cvp@art2life.com and our team will be happy to assist you.

This can be the year your art comes alive

How would it feel to make your art a bigger part of your life?

How would it feel to make art you love with relative ease?

And what could happen if the world loved it as much as you do?

The Creative Visionary Program begins on February 23, 2023.

  Will this be your year?

Choose the option that works for you:


$2397 USD

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$457 USD  


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Your enrollment includes:

  • The Complete Art2Life Framework
  • The ArtLife FAQ Vault
  • Weekly Live Group Calls
  • Weekly Live Coaching Sessions
  • Bonus Content with Guest Presenters 
  • Downloadable Art Helpful Guides
  • Extensive key word search of all CVP videos
  • Membership in the private Facebook Community
  • Bonus #1: The "Design Your Life2Art Immersion"
  • Bonus #2: Real time video documentation of my process
  • Bonus #3: The Art2Life Business Primer
  • Bonus #4: The Art and Life Time Management video series. 
  • Access to the entire CVP Portal including all the modules, video lessons, call recordings, audio files and transcriptions, for one full year from date of purchase. 
  • PLUS the CVP “On Demand” library! Includes 6 interviews with esteemed artists diving deeper into color, mindset, realistic and representational art, and so much more

What dream do you have for yourself and your art? 

Terry Tsu

To show up for yourself consistently, like Terry Tsu?

Janet Smedley art

To feel more spaciousness and joy, like Janet Smedley?

Jenny and Tino by Chad Little

To evolve your work and embark on new challenges, like Chad Little?

Judy S

To create with more confidence, like Judy Shreve?

Mary Grandpre

To find the courage to pursue a bold new path, like Mary GrandPre?

Jennifer Daily

To create seductive, stunning art that sells, like Jennifer Daily?

It's possible.


"This course opens onto the world. Now I see the principles at work all around me. I hear them in music, notice them as I walk through my neighborhood, read them in the plots of good books, and even taste them in favorite foods. Thank you so very much Nicholas & the team, and all my fellow Art2Life adventurers for helping to shred my doubts and remake the world as a brighter, more liquid place where feeling is paramount, and mistakes coveted. Though merely saying Thank You seems too small, sky-writing wouldn't be large enough. I'm anxious to move forward with all that I've gathered here. With the sincere belief that we've only just started down the path, wishing everyone the best luck in their next steps."  

— Lisa M., CVP Alumni

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