The Creative Visionary Program Gets Results.

Hear from our Alumni about what happened after they said YES to the Creative Visionary Program: 


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See what's changed for these artists since taking CVP:


Kelly says: "I felt like I was painting in the dark before. And then somebody turned on the lights... or maybe they just showed me where the light switch was.

After taking CVP, I learned that there's nothing to be intimidated about. Once I was in the course, the generosity of Nick and the team just envelops you.

If you want to improve, just take the leap and do it."


Roohi says: "I know my materials and techniques already. So why did my art get better, more complex? Because I started believing in myself.

The way CVP opened my mind to all the limiting beliefs I had helped me loosen up in my work and enjoy it more — and this translates directly into how people experience my art.

This is a roadmap for how to integrate life and art. If you’ve struggled for a few years with your art, trying to figure it out on your own, you will get so much from CVP.”


Arron says: "I consider myself a beginner... I'd taken a couple of art classes after high school, then trained to become a registered nurse. Art is my self-care.

Joining CVP gave me the confidence to just go for it, to move forward in my art making.

I got that confidence from all the support that CVP offered and continues to offer, even 2 years later. I talk to a CVP-er every day now.

Now it's not just me in this lonely art world. I have a whole team of people encouraging me and supporting me, pushing me forward and saying: you can do this! It's amazing... it's a great feeling."


Roma says: "I've only been painting as an adult for the past 4 years (I painted as a child but stopped).

I've taken close to 100 classes and courses since then, but CVP is by far the course I wish I knew about from the beginning of my journey.

My art & life have taken a major shift since CVP."


Artwork by Susan Simonini

Susan Says: "This course has been life changing for me - not only in my art practice but in my whole outlook.

I have such a consistent practice now and am looking within for inspiration. I am having FUN!! I was truly amazed at how quickly I have changed my thinking and attitude from one of fear and negativity to one of joy and positivity.

Even though mindset was probably my biggest hurdle, I have also benefited from all the principles (which weren't taught at my art school), and my painting has improved so much.

I recently had a solo show at a regional gallery, which was meant to be all ceramics, but ended up including about 15 paintings, almost all of which sold. There is no way I would have achieved this if not for CVP, which gave me the kick to just go for it!"


Nicki says: "I wanted to find my own voice in my art making, and someone recommended CVP to me. I included a photograph of a falcon taking flight that had inspired me for years in my first CVP inspiration board...

I turned the inspiration of this image into a 25ft tall art installation at Burning Man the following year, and I have since then created a small art and design business, painting, sculpting, and what is most dear to my heart, creating functional sculpture / installations.

I feel I'm still in the beginning phases, but CVP and Art2Life have been an amazing stepping stone and tool for me to open the doors to my transformation, find my own voice, and build the confidence to go for it."

Artwork by Nicki Adani


Artwork by Amy Brakeman Livezey

Amy says:

"Before CVP, I was kind of broken down by living a life that wasn't really true to myself, and had gotten farther away from making art.

After? I'm confident in my art making, much clearer on what I'm doing art-wise.

Since taking CVP in 2017, I have been working full time as an artist and making a living making art."


Chantal says: "CVP changed everything. Before CVP, I painted with a specific outcome in mind.

I enjoyed the beginning freshness of my work, and of course the outcome if it was good, but if things went wrong in the middle, I typically gave up. I had no idea how to continue and get beyond that “ugly” stage.

Now, after CVP, the middle part of painting does not worry me much. I know my intentions. I ask myself the questions CVP taught me to ask about the principles, and how my art feels.

I know how to work on another piece and come back later. But most important is that I don't worry or give up!"

Artwork by Chantal Tomiello

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Jacqui says: "Before CVP I thought that I needed a plan before I started... it was kind of stressful. Creating wasn't so fun - it felt like a lot of pressure.

Now, I just go down and paint. I don't care so much about the final result and it's a lot more fun now.

I'm trusting the process. I'm enjoying the uglier stages... and through watching Nick's demonstrations in CVP, I could see how much fun he was having.

And that's important... because if I'm stressed while I'm making it, the art is going to feel stressed too... Now I trust that I'll get there."


Tom says: "I had this feeling that there was some part of me that was not quite developed. And when I was painting... I found that.

I hadn't put paint on a brush for 35 years. I just didn't know to begin that transition to creating my own art.

I could have easily continued on the path of being a successful business person... but I wanted to make art, I wanted a richer life... and that process is still unfolding.

With these little steps... just 2 years later, I see myself as an artist. It's pretty amazing considering where I started."


Nessa says: "I think back to the slower days when I was on my own, working away.

Now, I have an absolute drive to get up and do my art. I'm in my studio every day.

I look at what I'm making now, and there's no way I could have done that a year ago."


Zandra says: "Before, I felt somewhat apologetic and shy about making things...

Now, my work is stronger... a bit more confident than it was before. It feels more honest.  

I had my first solo gallery show in Vancouver this year... 

My art was recently accepted by the Royal Academy of Art, out of 12,000 submissions."


Deborah says: "I was doing the same thing over and over again. I didn't know how to refire and get started again.

I wasn't excited about the work... I needed to step back and ask why I was doing this and what was important to me.

CVP was a leap of faith for me. I felt a renewed desire to get back in studio and I'm thinking about my work all the time.

It's been great to continue to grow and find that renewed confidence in my work."


Rand says: "I was working with oil, pushing paint around timidly... I wanted to learn and get better.

CVP asked me questions I hadn't thought about before that added new relevance and meaning to my work.

Things began to transform for me right away. 

I'm learning not to get stuck on things... and I'm having a lot more success because I'm not so worried about the outcome.


Julie says: "My work was more project driven... greeting cards, gifts, travel journalling... I was raising kids and my art wasn't in the front seat with me.

But in 2011, I got a studio space. And all of a sudden I started realizing that I needed to show up and make this a practice.

Now, I'm putting myself out there more. I have the confidence to be proud of my work, my journey and show who I am.

I'm holding solo shows and teaching around the country. When you show up... the universe listens."

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How can The Creative Visionary Program impact your art & the way you make it? 

Here's what happened for these artists... 

Artwork by Nino Yuniardi

"Before CVP, I would get bent out of shape when my work didn't turn out the way I wanted.

I didn't know the concept of playing, experimenting, and layering. I didn't know the concept of consistent exercise, showing up regularly is more beneficial than an irregular long working day in my studio.

CVP has changed the way I view my practice. I now understand where I'm going and how I phase myself to get "there". My "there" is actually not my goal after all. It's about regular practice and exercise for the long game. For as long as I shall live.

I found my renewed commitment to the craft and the joy of creating something out of nothing.

More importantly, I also learned about the abundance mindset from Nick and the crew. There is enough to go around, share the knowledge with others, ignore the external noises, and turn down internal negative chatter."

- Nino Yuniardi  

"One of the main things that's so great about CVP is the group dynamic. I didn't realize I would get to chat and become friends with other artists -- other artists who are beginners like me, and others who are professionals. It's so helpful. I was shy at first but everyone is so encouraging.

Especially now with COVID, this is such a good way to be connected with people. I'm still friends with people I took CVP with - we applaud each other, we're there for each other when we're feeling bad. It's really a great program."

- Darla Claire

"CVP unleashed my creativity. Prior to this course, I only painted on occasion and usually when in a workshop. By finally learning the foundational principles, I was able to take off on my own.

Without even trying, I have sold 9-10 pieces. I couldn't have done it without CVP. It's a whole new life!"

– Patricia Coughlin

Artwork by Jenny Fermor

"Before CVP I worked on one painting at a time, working it into the ground. I had a few successful pieces, but they were becoming less frequent the more frustrated I became.

During and after CVP I developed a new way of working which was really just me all along. It was both looser and freer but also more considered.

Before CVP I had some basic notions of composition and even colour, but now it all fits together and (most of the time) it feels so much more simple. And now, crucially, I am not scared of going wrong because I have the tools to review my work and bring it back.

Since starting CVP in 2020 I have sold 10 paintings, received 2 commissions. I moved to a new, bigger studio space with a painting wall I can dance around (if I want). I am working on 6 paintings instead of one, and each painting teaches the next one along.

But more important is the transformation in my head. I'm free to enjoy my painting now, and I have CVP to thank for this wonderful change."

- Jenny Fermor

"Even though I had years of formal art training, CVP opened up Value and Color to me in a way I never thought possible.

I don't get stuck anymore... not in such a fatal way. I don't have such big ups and downs.

It is emotionally less exhausting and even if I feel frustrated or can’t see where to go, I know it’s normal and what I need to do next to get round the problem."

- Bethany Kohrt

"For most of my teaching/painting career, my main criteria for judging my results was the opinion of others. I took many workshops, etc. thinking that if I could just paint like that person, I would be successful.

After becoming bored, restless, burnt out and ignoring my studio, I stumbled upon CVP through Nick's Sunday conversations on line. His ideas really resonated with me, so I took the plunge (worried about spending THAT much money), but it has been one of the best things I have done for myself as an artist.

It was worth every penny. I now have the tools and support to follow my own voice, my own path. Am I there yet? No, but making art has become an adventure, not a chore, an open road limited only by my own imagination."

- Donna Arnold

"Before CVP I struggled with my art and wondered if I was really an artist. I would focus on one painting until I finally liked it. This took forever. Now, I am confident and rely more on my intuition.

I think I understand value (finally!) and how to improve my paintings without getting so frustrated. I am putting more of me in my paintings!

I get great joy out of working in my studio and consequently, my life is better too as a result of CVP!"

- Jan Swanson

Artwork by Jan Swanson

"I started painting as a hobby about 6 months before I joined CVP, but was very frustrated with my progress. I came across the program and decided to make the investment.

Shortly after CVP ended I sold a large piece of art I had been working on/off during CVP that pretty much paid for the program for me. (I wasn't even trying to sell anything. My neighbor happened to see the piece--my studio is my garage--and just kept pressing me to buy it!)

Later that same year, I took Nick's suggestion to enter some juried art competitions. I recently learned that one of the galleries has selected some of my art for a show, and they want to award me a gallery contract for my art. I really don't think any of that would have happened had I not taken CVP."

- Mark Carrara

"The leap into CVP was an act of faith due to finances and the technology aspect.

I found the course and Nicholas's approach to be easily accessible. I was amazed that just about everything he said was new and lit me up despite all of my years of teaching others."

Changes in me and my work? Huge."

– Jody Shell

"Prior to CVP, I knew I needed to do something different creatively. I wasn't satisfied with what I was painting. I wasn't really sure what I wanted.

Nick's amazing art technique and fundamentals teachings pushed me to try new ways of working. He creates a wonderful community which helped me feel more connected to other artists during the program.

Nick also taught me about generosity and being yourself when you show up, especially in marketing and as well as in teaching. So much about life is that. Not copying how others do things. Instead, fully tapping into what makes you most alive and creating / living from there.

I'm braver about posting on social media and sharing more of my studio life there. I've also become more ready to say yes to things, to take risks and to explore new interests I hadn't thought I'd be incorporating into my life."

- Patty Ripley

Artwork by Patty Ripley


Laurie says: "I found making good work much harder than I thought it would be. I was working from reference material and I didn’t like most of the work I was making.

Saying “yes” to CVP was another step to saying “yes” to myself, which was very new to me. I learned so much in CVP that I took it twice and repeated many of the lessons throughout the year.

What I love most is that I never have to use reference material! I love to paint because I love the process of discovery. The feeling of being at peace and in the moment!

It’s incredible that I get to share my work and have made so many friends with other artists, collectors and people that like art! I no longer feel out of place or awkward because I have connected with like-minded people and I feel right at home."

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"Life since CVP has been a whirlwind. When I look back at the vision board I created in the first weeks of the program it is amazing to see what has happened in just a few months time. 

I have a new studio. My artwork won cash prizes for 1st and 16th place in a contest of over 5,000 submissions at (where I sell prints of my work). 

I'm currently working on a large commission, and have installed a dozen paintings that I worked on during and after CVP in my local City Hall, with another local installation planned for November.

What I learned in those 12 weeks was nothing short of life changing. I came into the program lacking direction and confidence... 

For the first time in my life I feel like I am making art from a place inside myself. 

I am really enjoying both my process and the results. 

And I am gaining the courage and confidence to just keep painting and see what happens. 

- Jennifer Pierce Daily  

Thank you...this is such a FULL program...I am blown away! So many on-line classes are so “lite” and seemingly void of genuine caring, once they have collected the fee, not much context. 

It is so obvious how much each of you value one another and each of us! You have set a wonderful “tone” and raised the bar a mile...up over the moon.

- Kayla Kennington  

Thank you so much for this class... I love my current work, I am selling nonstop...

It’s because of all of you that my work is at the next level. 

– Rochelle Car

Artwork by CVP Alumni Karen Stamper

"On the first weekend of my open studios I was offered a solo show! 

Thank you Nick and CVP!"

 - Karen Stamper

"This is amazing. This course has taught me so much more than I ever learned in art college. 

I really can’t believe I almost didn’t take it. It’s like we’re being given the keys to the treasure chest."

- Jess Brown

I'm so grateful to have found this program and all the wonderful team members and community. A lot has changed since finishing CVP. 

I got studio space in a gallery, my first showing, and the owner has been so impressed with my work. I never would have thought these things could happen to me in such a short time, spontaneously and organically, and with such confidence in myself!" - Catherine Parker

"I sold four paintings this week... three of them I started in week 3 of the program!

Within the first few weeks CVP has already made a huge impact on my work... 

Scale, confidence, etc etc... Thank you Nick!"

- Sally Hirst

Artwork by CVP Alumni Sally Hirst

"I am so positively blown away by this course. It's unexpectedly informative, juicy, concise, easy to understand, hopeful and encouraging. 

It pushes without being pushy, hands out information when it's most impactful. I'm eager to learn and this is feeding my needs!"

- Pamela Reinhardt  

This course is simply the very best thing I have ever done for myself, for my creativity, for my life, for my personal pleasure and joy, and for my confidence as an artist (as I am now learning to call myself).

– Liz Welch

Artwork by CVP Alumni Julie Snidle

"Now my art is a practice. 

I show up and do it... I have the confidence to put myself out there more. 

I’m getting press and solo shows. I have validation and confidence. 

I no longer have the pressure to make a perfect painting."

 - Julie Snidle

Artwork by CVP Alumni Chad Little

"Joining CVP has been a major reorientation for me in my inner life and in my art. 

I will spend the rest of my life with a level of joy and contentment that I’ve never manifest before! 

I feel I’ve been really pushed, but gently, very gently, past my previous stopping off point! 

You really are with us on our creative journey and because of the timescale, the frequent live coaching sessions with your team of approachable and experienced artists... 

The professional way your wonderful material is being delivered to us, I sense that my art practice and my life are being transformed, little by little, but truly! 

What is happening is deep and expansive!"

- Jaci Dunsford  

"This program far exceeded my expectations!!

I am so impressed by the depth of thoughtful, well produced content, and the heart-felt, soulful and generous group of coaches/guides you all are. 

I feel like taking this course marks a new beginning for me and I’m so grateful for this opportunity."

 - Heidi Marie Faessel  

"It's only been a few weeks into this class, and it has taken me deeper into why I want to make art than 10 years of workshops and classes have ever taken me."  

– Katie Korotzer

"I could go on but what impresses me over and over again, is that this program is greater than the sum of its parts and has ramifications far beyond the group itself."

- Scott Johnson

Artwork by CVP Alumni Jennifer Pierce Daily

"The course was unbelievably impressive from day one and did not disappoint for the whole 12 weeks.

It was so well organized and thought out and so professionally executed."

- Julie King

"CVP has changed my life on so many levels, put the fire back in my belly and I can see the changes in my day job, the art I am making and my life.

Thank you all so very much for all the wonderful energy and encouragement! 

All the info content, and conversations have all been a great catalyst for moving past procrastination. 

Such wonderful support, just knowing that it exists is comforting."  

- Suzi Gould

Artwork by CVP Alumni Louise Fletcher

"Everything about my life has changed in just 3 months. 

After 5 years of stumbling around, feeling lost and lonely, I am making art that feels like me and that I love...

I am connected to other artists, and I am even able to help people who are a little bit further back on the road than me. 

I am so excited about my future.

I came into CVP tired of myself and of my work. Now everything is different. I am excited. I see nothing but possibility ahead."

 -Louise Fletcher  

"Before CVP, I had lost so much momentum that I feared that I was losing interest in painting, or making any art at all. I felt so lost. 

My last ditch effort to rekindle my creativity was to sign up for CVP. Boy am I glad I did. 

It forced me to make a space in my office and in my life to make art. 

And I can hardly wait to get in there every day. 

Thanks to CVP, the artist in me is reignited big time.”

- Paula Sugarman

"Nick has an awesome team and the condensation of the art principles into a succinct, easily understandable form with a common vocabulary is brilliant! 

After 20+ years of painting and workshops this consolidated all of it for me... "

- Bruce

"In CVP, all profound and practical art secrets are revealed. 

The patience and respect we are accorded and the obvious deep affection and respect the team has for one another…. generosity and abundance everywhere you turn. 

No hoarding of special knowledge. No snootiness. 

It’s so refreshing to be here! And so the community just keeps getting better and better."

- Rachel Davis

Artwork by CVP Alumni Janet Jaffke

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"At the very beginning of the course, I was afraid that an on-line course couldn’t possibly touch in for people on a really personal and really deep level. WRONG!  

I was involved in an in-person year and a half professional painting group class and, at the end of that time, I don’t think that the instructor even knew everyone’s name. There were about 21 people in the group...

And then there’s Art2Life, CVP, on the opposite end of the people to people, heart to heart spectrum. As artists we DESERVE and need to be contacted on all levels of our being. The Art2Life approach and team are outstanding, remarkable and SOULFUL in every way.  

They not only share their own art journeys in real and vulnerable ways but make it a safe and accepting environment for all participants to do the same." 

- Terrell S Minton  

Artwork by CVP Alumni Amy Brakeman Livezey

"Pure and simple gratitude on so many levels…. this was a huge stretch for me and I feel like the growth and benefits will keep unveiling themselves over the weeks and months and years ahead.  

You all practice the art of abundance rather than scarcity thinking and the gifts from that mindset keep on giving.  

My art practice has evolved but more importantly my journey of life has been profoundly blessed. Each of you has inspired and been a mentor for me in many ways."

- Terri Beck-Engel  

"Thank you so much for this class... 

I love my current work, I am selling nonstop...

It’s because of all of you that my work is at the next level."

– Rochelle Car

Artwork by CVP Alumni Laurie Kwo

"I am honored that Nick once again nudged me out of my comfort zone. 

I am forever grateful for this program and the renewed fire it has kindled in my work and my life."

 - Deborah T Colter

"As a beginning artist, I’ve only attended a few workshops and it seemed to me that EVERYONE in the class but me walked out with a finished painting at the end of the day. 

I thought I was the only one who got ’stuck in the mud’ with no idea what to do next. 

What this course has provided for me in only 6 weeks is the recognition that getting ’stuck’ is something that all artists experience. 

AND, more importantly, I’m learning how and where to place the stepping stones to cross the ‘mud puddle’ without fear, and continue painting until I’m satisfied."

- Becky

"I can see how my style is slowly emerging, almost from day to day now. 

I was so stuck with a limited way of painting and it all ended up the boring same. 

You show us a variety of tools and there’s a whole new world opening up. 

You expanded my horizon and gave me the permission to be so much more of myself, even explore sides I didn’t know I had. 

And whole process is being even more powerful because of the incredibly variety of our group. 

I have never learnt so much in just a few weeks!"  

- Lisbeth Lingas

"I feel like I would be remiss if I didn’t tell all of you how life changing this course has been. 

I almost didn’t do the course because of cost but I was afraid NOT to do it. 

I felt like I was at a place where I just needed this in order to move forward in my art, otherwise I was thinking about giving up because of frustration and it just wasn’t fun. 

Thank you for giving me the gift of continuing my art and taking the principles to my life as well."

- Tara

Artwork by CVP Alumni Buddy LaHood

"Do it! Trust me. Just do it! Sell your first born. Donate blood. Do whatever you’ve gotta do...but, make it happen! (A bit dramatic get the idea. It’s just fantastic).  

In comparison to an art degree, it’s pennies! In comparison to a “workshop”, it’s up there in price! 

Trust me when I’s no workshop! This is a 12 week intensive! 

The material you learn in the 12 weeks...multiple group calls, art critiques, pages and pages of valuable online information, more videos than you can imagine, connections made with artists across the available to you for an entire YEAR!!! 

It’s so great! I am a nurse working 5 days a week! Even if you miss the “live” group calls, everything is recorded!"  

- Aaron Buttram  

Alice Sheridan

"This November was my best art sales ever and last year in total quadrupled on the previous year.”

– Alice Sheridan

Artwork by CVP Alumni Louise Savoie

"My paintings were accepted into 24th Annual Juried National Collage Society Exhibition!  

I now feel more connected to my work than I ever have, and that my work is truly expressing me. 

My work is changing and evolving now from the inside out. Thanks to CVP, I am now at a place with my work that I only dreamed about, but was not sure I could attain.  

I am trusting the process and willing to take a leap over the edge and I look forward to continual growth."

-Susan Hart

"This has been (and will continue to be) a joyful, challenging, stimulating, super educational, profoundly deep and life changing / enhancing experience!! 

I am eternally grateful for the program that you all have created for us here, it has brought artmaking back to my life and given me the tools and perspective to have a healthy, thriving, joyful practice and lifestyle. 

I had some long years of not making art, working in a toxic environment and suppressing that I'm making art again, and with the wonderful soulful guidance of you and the CVP team, I see myself changing..I feel more like my old self... 

Making art again within the dynamic teachings of CVP has enlivened me so much, it is taking me back to my soul. This course has truly been a catalyst for so much re-awakening. I'm thrilled."

– Marca Cameron


Hear what our alumni have to say...

"Will CVP help me find my personal style?"

Danyelle says: "Nick is a vault of knowledge and his way of sharing with people was so welcome.

Of all the Art2Life principles, the one that made it for me was Risk.

CVP did more for me than my university degree. Everything is there... and the community is amazing."

"Can CVP be the art school I never had?"

Glenda says: "Prior to taking CVP I had never painted. It was like magic... like going to art school in 12 weeks. The value is phenomenal.

Now, my art is progressing. I'm painting almost everyday, I'm entering shows, and I'm promoting my art."

"Is CVP better than a traditional school?"

Chad says: "I'm not a fan of traditional schooling because so much of it isn't as practical... I like to dive in, empty the box out and start putting things together. 

Nick's a good teacher and a great artist... it was well worth it overall."

"Can CVP help me turn my art passion into a career?"

Since joining CVP, Alice Sherdian has seen her strongest sales yet. Her following is growing, galleries are showing her work, and her sales have quadrupled over the previous year!

Alice says: I" knew that what I was making wasn't what I was capable of. It didn't feel like me and I didn't know where to find the answers.

Following the principles in CVP gave me something to check in against and make it mine. It's revolutionized things for me."

"What if I'm a total beginner?"

Janet says: "Before I took this course, I was on my own floundering. I didn't know anything about the materials or technical aspects. I didn't know where to start.

I knew what I was producing was not what I wanted it to be, and that was intimidating... but the support from the CVP team and the community was great.

Now, I feel like I'm in the swing of it. I have enough tools now to keep expanding, growing and learning... I know how to find answers within myself now."

"What if I'm a little afraid to share my art?"

Janet says: "There's so much positive feedback in the group. It's such a supportive environment that it just raises you up to a different level.

Many artists hold back, but it's not like that in CVP. I trust everybody in the program. It's a safe place to do art."

"What if I'm not a painter?"

Margaret says: "CVP broke it all down into specific chunks and principles... the way it was presented and the way they all connected was so clear.

I was able to apply these principles to my installation work and photography. It was like night and day."

"What about realistic and representational art?"

Rachel says: "CVP applies to whatever you're painting. It's just that you have a different subject. There are videos in the course that feature representational painters, and guest tutors too, so you can learn from them.

I picked up different things from teachers who had different perspectives. I found that part quite valuable."

"Is CVP worth it if I'm already a successful artist?"

Shirley says: "People can enter it at any level. There's a broad base of artists from experienced people to beginners... and that opened me up to a whole new way of thinking.

CVP has given me a community I never had. 

There's nothing out there like this... not as comprehensive, both in terms of technique and how to think about your work as well. It's extraordinary."

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"Can CVP help me go from nowhere... to somewhere?"

Jamie says: "CVP gave me a structure. 

It provided the foundation I needed to from nowhere to somewhere."

I work on my art every single day now."

"Can CVP help me find my own style?"

Buddy says: "Before I took the course I was concerned about things not looking good, that I wasn't good... 

But the course helped me see that I do have my own style.

I am my own style. I play around now. And I don't worry about trying to look like anybody else now."

"Can CVP help me discover my inner artist?"

Katherine says: "Investing in CVP was more than I'd ever spent on a course... 

But I was so impressed with what Nick provided. It was a total revelation.

Now, I feel more in control. I see a path forward."

"What if I only have a small amount of time each week?"

Stacy says: "An obstacle was that I don't spend a lot of time on the computer.

But I decided to commit. I chose to participate online and in the group in a way that worked for me.

I'd watch the videos with a glass of wine in the evenings... it was on my time. I could watch the recordings, download them, go back to it again... 

It's so refreshing... to get all this information and interaction is a huge value. I still reference it today and I think I will for years to come."

Arron says: "One of my fears before clicking the enroll button was... would I really have time? Would I get the value out of the course?

The answer is absolutely yes. I would finish a 12 hour shift and come home, go into my studio (my dining room table) and just put something on the canvas, or watch a quick video from the program, or visit the portal.

Little bits at a time worked, even 20 minutes. Even the busiest person can find 20 minutes to do something.

It doesn't have to be a grand thing. But often, that 20 minutes turns into something more, and much more progress than I was expecting."

"Are the artists and coaches in the CVP community really going to support me?"

Mary says: "In the program, you know that you're not alone. We all have the same fears. 

There's a comradery and support. And that's huge for me. I didn't have that before. 

It's just as important as getting feedback on your art. Being there with other people... you grow from that. I can't say enough about being in this group."

"Can I learn to improve my art in a group setting?"

Elizabeth says: "When watching the image adjustments on someone else's work inside the program, you can always equate it to something you've done in your own art.

You really can learn that way, even if it isn't your painting."

"Can I learn from looking at other students' work?"

Christine says: "You just can't see your work for what it is. Whether it's amazing or lacking in something.

Looking at someone else's work, you're not as emotionally tied to it, so it's much easier to see the principles in practice in other people's art."

"What is the overall feeling of the community?"

Judy says: "It really is a brilliant approach. The mix of the team, and Nick... eveyone brings so much. There's such a comfortable ease to the classes, the support and the safety net that we all have in the group... 

It's a brilliant thing."

"How will the community in CVP help me grow?"

Jennifer says: "I signed up because Nicholas is a geniune, nice, funny mentor... but the community in CVP turned out to be way more than I expected.

There was always someone around to answer questions about materials, technique, or problems in the studio."


Hear these artists weigh on whether the invesment in CVP was worth it:

Since joining CVP, Kate has taken her art from a part-time hobby to a thriving business that has generated 6 figures in income in just 2 years.

Kate says: "When I first heard about CVP, I just knew it was going to be good for me. I could structure it with my work and family life.

When I see all the things that we were taught in CVP, and how it was sadly lacking in my university degree... I see that this is what I needed.

If I had to sum it up, it's that I gave myself to permission to paint without judgement."

"This course was worth every penny and then some. 

I thought I was buying information and instruction and I definitely got those, but I also got so much more. 

It was Maya Angelou who said people never forget how you made them feel...

Nick has the ability to make people feel cared for... his sincere desire to help each person in this program shone through." 

- Dale Sheppard

"When I first decided to take this class, I wondered how much i would really get out of it....

But the accumulation of info finally started to impact me. 

I can honestly say today it was worth it. 

Giving me back my joy was priceless."

- Margarett Stott

"It will change you, for sure. You're not going to see your work the same way as before... you'll grow as a person and as an artist." 

- Louise Savoie

"This was the most that I've spent on myself in a long time... but every penny was money well spent. You just have to say yes and do it."

- Jennifer Daily 

"Now that I'm showing myself more in my art, and it feels so good... I believe that it's showing up in all my relationships too. People see more of who I am now."

- Janet Smedley

"Nick, the Art2Life Coaches and the entire team are so awesome and organized. 

The teaching style is so caring, helpful and challenging - it's the best online program that I know of and I've done quite a few! 

It's a WOW and HELL YES experience!" 

- Sandy Berry 

"I saw that every time I was painting I knew that this was what I wanted to do.

But moving into being an artist is somewhat daunting. 

With CVP I could feel the learning curve and the acceleration of learning more than any other educational thing I’ve ever done. 

The program took me back to my roots when I was young as a kid. I identify myself as a fine artist now."

- Gordon Studer 

"This class has been unlike anything else. Never have I had a team of coaches and instructor who have been so generous and authentic. 

The amount of information in this program is profound, with nothing left unturned. 

The love and respect that Nick and the team add to their work is bar none." 

- Anne Gaffney

Painting by Amy Torgenson

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