Learn the totally new approach to making personal, powerful, stunningly authentic art  

You’re invited to join Nicholas Wilton, the founder of Art2Life, in this free 3-part online workshop: 

It is time to make the art that only YOU can create 

In this free 3-part online workshop, you’ll discover:  

  • The 2 crucial but often ignored ingredients of strong, impactful artwork, and how to use them to immediately improve your art  
  • A powerful new tool for discerning what your art needs at any given time, and how to correct course when you get stuck or make a mistake  
  • How to create more depth and complexity in your art, no matter how much experience you have (hint: these are the keys to creating seductive, sellable artwork)  
  • Strategies for refining your unique style and voice, so you can stop comparing yourself to others and make art that makes you come alive  
  • A method for making art that feels more spacious, joyful, and personal to you — even when you’re in a funk or short on time

Praise for the Art2Life Workshop

"Thank you for putting this concept into such a brilliantly simple lesson. This is something my mind will hold onto as I paint so much more than some of the long overly complicated lessons I have taken (And I paid for those!). Very generous of you to gift these lessons and your hard earned knowledge to us!"  

Linda Eaton Marcille 

"Your classes have been absolutely amazing for me. It feels life changing. It's like I've discovered the core of my art again after being buried for a very long time. Your way of describing the process is true and simple - very cool!!! Thanks again!"  

Gordon Studer  

"My intuition was right about Nicholas and the workshop. I learned why elements in my painting worked or didn't work, and why sometimes I struggled maybe more than I needed to. I now have an alternative way of working for those times when my work starts to look bland, or when I'm ready to bury the work in some distant faraway land never to be seen again."  

Chris Stevens 

Meet your mentor, Nicholas Wilton

Nicholas is the founder of Art2Life, an online platform that strives to empower artists with actionable resources, coaching, and “Why didn’t they teach me this in art school?!” advice. As a working fine artist and teacher with over 25 years’ experience, Nicholas has developed a systematic approach that brings authenticity, spontaneity and joy back into the creative process. It turns out that you don’t have to be a starving artist, and it was also never about having some rare, magical talent. 

When it comes to making art that is more and more like you, it’s about passion, sharing, and finding what inspires you and makes you feel alive.  

The Art2Life Workshop has been totally redeveloped for 2020 and is completely free to watch from anywhere in the world

Over 60,000 artists have used this information to help them see their art and how they make it in an entirely new way. Now it’s your turn: