I (“Participant”) agrees to the following terms and conditions, and community guidelines regarding my participation in the Art2Life (“A2L”) Tell a Friend Affiliate Partner Program.  

  • Referrals must sign up with your affiliate link in order for you to receive credit for the referral.  
  • Even if a member signs up after hearing about the program from you, they must still use your affiliate link to sign up for you to receive credit for the sign up. We are sorry but we cannot make any exceptions to this rule.
  • Once a person signs up through your affiliate link, they are listed as your referral. However, if that person later signs up through another affiliate, the referral is then transferred to the other affiliate partner.
  • Once CVP 2019 begins, you will be sent a list of your referrals. In order for you to receive payment for your referrals, they must stay in the program past the 30 day money back guarantee. Any referral that drops out of CVP during this period will be removed from your list. We will reconcile your list after the frist 30 days of CVP and send you an update. Payments will be processed tPayments will be processed All payments will be in US Dollars.
  • Payment options are check by mail or PayPal only.
  • Once payment has been processed in the form of a check by mail or via PayPal, this option may not be changed.